Thinking about Remodeling?

How To select a Home Remodeling Contractor

Whether you are renovating a current space or building an addition, undertaking a major project can be intimidating. When you contract with Liberty Hill Construction, you will be happy with the process and amazed with the results.

Step 1

Liberty Hill Construction (LHC) will schedule time to meet with you and discuss your project. When thinking about remodeling it is important to think about what your goals are and what you want from your new space. If you have already worked with an architect or design consultant, having plans available for this meeting will help LHC understand your needs.

Step 2

Liberty Hill Construction takes the time to provide a detailed budget prior to contracting for a project. LHC works through all details of your project from permit and application to finish carpentry. A detailed budget allows you to understand the complexity of your project and provides you with a guideline of the work to be completed.

Step 3

Liberty Hill Construction will provide you with a contract that includes accurate costs and details about your project.

Step 4

Liberty Hill Construction will meet with you to set expectations about your upcoming project. We will discuss scheduling, timelines, project details, effects on your daily life, and other details that are important to you. Liberty Hill Construction will begin the building process and your project will be on its way. Home additions and renovations are challenging, and we at Liberty Hill Construction are here to make the process smooth for you and you will be thrilled with the final outcome.

Step 5

During and after the core building process, Liberty Hill Construction will finalize the finished details of your project with you. We are knowledgeable about the latest trends and will help as you select the important details that customize your project. Liberty Hill Construction specializes in custom molding and trim, and works with you to match existing architectural features. If you are interested in new details, we can also help you through your selection process.

Step 6

Finally, you are ready to enjoy your new custom space, so move in and enjoy!

Our Suppliers and Vendors

We are proud to offer some of the industry’s top products for your remodeling project. In addition, our suppliers and sub-contractors have been selected based on their quality work and materials.

Please feel free to click on the logos below to view the products offered by our partners.

Home Remodeling Window Manufacturers


Home Remodeling Flooring Manufacturers


Home Remodeling Flooring Manufacturers


Home Remodeling Millwork Suppliers


Home Remodeling Lighting Specialists


Home Remodeling Faucet Fixtures


Home Remodeling Solid Surfaces Manufacturers


Home Remodeling Faucet Fixtures


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