Initial consultations can be intimidating. As excited as you are about your new project, sometimes they can feel like you need to prepare yourself for that sales pitch. Luckily, our First Appointments aren’t what you would typically expect. We aim to build a comfortable and relaxed environment to get to know you and understand your project goals. There is no tape measure and no contract to sign, the number one goal is to sit down and understand how we can help.

What should you expect from this meeting?

Get to know each other

This is our first opportunity to sit down and introduce ourselves, allowing you to get to know Liberty Hill Construction. Ultimately, this meeting provides us with the opportunity to understand your project requirements better.

Talk about project goals

The initial consultation is really to talk about the ins and outs of your project. As we explore your ideas we will discuss their potential cost ranges based on our expertise and project history.

How your goals align with our process

We will walk you through how a project like yours would fit into our existing process and the next steps.

initial consultation sit down

Who will be there?


As our Business Development Specialist, Mark leverages his 20+ years of construction experience to align your wants and needs with an appropriate budget.

What are your takeaways?


You will gain a clear understanding of our approach to your project from creation of plans all the way through project completion.


By the end of this meeting we will both know if your project goals align with our process for completing projects like yours.


Based on our discussion, we will provide you with a realistic design timeline, including the rough start dates and estimated duration.


After assessing your current and future project goals, we can provide you with a budget range. This range will be determined based on our discussion with you and our experience handling similar projects.

Have a project in mind?

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