Designing with Teamwork: An Inside Look at Our On-Site Design Meeting

During our On-Site Design meeting, this is truly the first step into honing in on your project wants and needs, but this time with a few more important parties present. We will recap what we talked about during the First Appointment – see if anything has changed and collect measurements as we begin the framework for your project rendering and plan creation.

What can you expect?

Normally, the meeting is designed to run from one to three hours, allowing ample time to explore all the components. Additionally, it is arranged well in advance, on a day and time that suits your schedule and accommodates all participants.

Revisiting what was discussed during the First Appointment is crucial. Not only does it allow everyone to get back on the same page, but we also want to see if any of your wants and needs have changed since the last time we met with you.

We want to know the specifics of how you plan to use the space, certain placements, preferred style choices etc. The more details we have the closer we can get your plans and design to reflect your desired outcome of the space.

As we talk about those specific details you are looking for in the design, we are going to start aligning those items with the budget numbers we discussed. If there are any changes from the First Appointment we will also discuss how those impact the desired budget.

After going through all the details, our team will do a thorough walk-through of the space. This means taking any measurements to produce your renderings and plans, look at all the existing systems and really start our front-end investigation of what your project scope will look like.

Who will be there?

On-site Design Meeting Mark Fournier

Mark Fournier

Business Development Manager

Mark will be a familiar face. He is going to guide this meeting, starting with a recap of the First Appointment.

On-site Design Meeting Greg Rehm

Greg Rehm

Owner, Liberty Hill Construction

This will be your first chance to meet Greg. He is here to give a second set of eyes for the scope of the project as well as get to know you.

On-site Design Meeting designer

LHC Design Specialist

Architectural Designer

Our Design Specialist collects all measurements and can hear first hand what your looking for to incorporate into designs and renderings.

What are the takeaways?


We leave this meeting with all your measurements and a very clear understanding of what the goals of design are.


You will have a good sense of what the proposed plan of action will be with your project


Our Design Specialist will begin drafting up conceptual plans and renderings, which will typically be shared in 4-6 weeks.

We’re here to help

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